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About our Coach

Head Coach, Kristina

A full-time coach since 2016, Kristina Dolgilevica is a certified development coach  from the World famous South Korean Kim Hyung Tak Archery School.

" I am what I repeatedly do - that is my key philosophy and the approach to my own training and coaching.  To me archery is a martial art; I see development as a continuous process, and obstacles as challenges. I take the long-term approach, focussing on 1-2-1 programmes with follow-up, with the aim of forming a more productive relationship with the athlete. Sustained communication, feedback and direct instruction allow an individual to learn, practise and embed their skills. However, I will maintain a degree of autonomy, so the athlete feels confident practising alone after the course - after all, we are all alone on the shooting line.  At the same time I never stop developing myself, so I can better help others. "

Kristina is currently on an MSc programme specialising in athletic development and training periodisation. Her research work focuses on performance anxiety and 'target panic' interventions. 


In 2022, Kristina was the sole UK representative at the World Nomad Games in Turkey, and she is an active international competitor, competing in South Korea in the Korean Traditional archery division. She is a long-standing contributor to Bow International Magazine, writing on technique, equipment and history. She has an MA in historical research from Birkbeck.   Aside from individual work, she focusses her efforts on developing educational events for barebow.


You are what you repeatedly do

Ideal for barebow, recurve and traditional archers, this 1-2-1 programme deals with archery technique and physical development. The structured curriculum is divided into 4 parts, and begins with a thorough assessment of the athlete's current archery form and training regime. The programme level is then adapted to the individual, their level of knowledge and proficiency. The Technical Master programme aims to help fix specific technical issues, dealing with one form aspect at a time. During the course of the programme we will look at the scientific principles of training periodisation, sport-specific strength & conditioning, warm-up and cool-down protocols - all essential components for a healthy and balanced sporting life. You can opt to complete the programme within 1 month (4 weekly sessions), or 2 months (4 bi-weekly sessions). You can choose to pay the entire amount, or in instalments - contact us if you wish to pay in parts, or if you wish to cover the entire programme over a weekend. Once you sign up, you communicate with the head coach privately; any video or other material shared is private and confidential.

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With coach and mentor , Kim Hyung Tak



Practice what you preach

Ideal for any bow division, this 1-2-1 programme deals with the mental side of the sport - one that makes or breaks the athlete. This too is a structured 4-part programme which can be completed within 1 month (weekly) or 2 months (bi-weekly). This programme is co-developed, mentored and supervised by an active psychologist (accredited by the British Psychological Society). It is not advised to fast-track through this curriculum, because you will learn, apply and assess skills and tools with your coach at specific intervals. Like in the Technical Master programme, you will receive post-session feedback to ensure learning and embedding. The curriculum starts with an in-depth analysis of the existing training and/or competition regime. After that, the athlete can choose what they wish to prioritise - our coach will guide you through options, and you will engage in a discussion on how you wish to go about developing your "mental" skills. The programme includes such topics as motivation and values, stress management, relaxation and concentration techniques, goal setting, competition skills and preparation.

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Third Eye Archery


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