Image by Ian Keefe

Benjamin S.

I purchased the training plan package and I was really satisfied with it. Coach Kristina is very knowledgeable and a great instructor. She is also very encouraging and helpful.

Before meeting Kristina my shot was very inconsistent. I was over-driving, over-analysing and over-thinking the steps in my shooting process. I built up a lot of unnecessary muscle tension and as a result I was not achieving a good bone-to-bone-alignment which is very important in archery. So Kristina provided me with lots of good and clear structured information (via written summaries or video feedback) and got me back on track. After my first feedback my shot immediately started to feel much better and I felt more balanced, more "in line" and "inside the bow". Also my shot process is now much more fluid and smoother than it was before. 

Now after my training plan package is finished, I can safely say that I learned a lot and will definitively book another package from Kristina.

So can I recommend the training package? Yes, I can definitively recommend it. It is a great deal because nothing is better and nothing can replace a good coach who knows exactly what to do. Kristina is definitively such a coach. She has a tremendous amount of passion for the sport and likes to pass on her experience and knowledge. So give it a try!