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About Third Eye

Third Eye Archery practice focuses on developing experienced archers, from the advanced beginner to the international competitor. Our head coach, Kristina Dolgilevica, is a certified development coach from Kim Hyung Tak Archery School in South Korea. Currently based in the UK, she focuses on the technical, physical, and mental development of archery athletes: "Every athlete is an individual; each will have individual needs and develop at their own pace. Live, 1-2-1, athlete-coach interaction is essential to athletic progress, and my programmes are designed around these key principles. I aim to instil in my students both archery and life skills." Third Eye does not pre-record material - all of our online programmes and sessions are live, tailored, and include post-session feedback. We offer two programmes - one dealing with technical and physical aspects of development, the other focussing on the mental game and competition skills.

Our Sessions

Our Programmes

Train with Purpose



Ideal for barebow, recurve and traditional archers, this 1-2-1 programme deals with archery technique and physical development. The structured curriculum is divided into 4 parts, and begins with a thorough assessment of the athlete's current archery form and training regime. The programme level is then adapted to the individual, their level of knowledge and proficiency. The Technical Master programme aims to help fix specific technical issues, dealing with one form aspect at a time. During the course of the programme we will look at the scientific principles of training periodisation, sport-specific strength & conditioning, warm-up and cool-down protocols - all essential components for a healthy and balanced sporting life. You can opt to complete the programme within 1 month (4 weekly sessions), or 2 months (4 bi-weekly sessions). You can choose to pay the entire amount, or in instalments - contact us if you wish to pay in parts, or if you wish to cover the entire programme over a weekend. Once you sign up, you communicate with the head coach privately; any video or other material shared is private and confidential.


Ideal for any bow division, this 1-2-1 programme deals with the mental side of the sport - one that makes or breaks the athlete. This too is a structured 4-part programme which can be completed within 1 month (weekly) or 2 months (bi-weekly). This programme is co-developed, mentored and supervised by an active psychologist (accredited by the British Psychological Society). It is not advised to fast-track through this curriculum, because you will learn, apply and assess skills and tools with your coach at specific intervals. Like in the Technical Master programme, you will receive post-session feedback to ensure learning and embedding. The curriculum starts with an in-depth analysis of the existing training and/or competition regime. After that, the athlete can choose what they wish to prioritise - our coach will guide you through options, and you will engage in a discussion on how you wish to go about developing your "mental" skills. The programme includes such topics as motivation and values, stress management, relaxation and concentration techniques, goal setting, competition skills and preparation.


One-Off Sessions

If you wish to work on a specific issue, why not book one of the single sessions?

All sessions are private, live and 1-2-1. 


The unique feature of all our services is that you receive a follow-up email from our coach, to provide you with the necessary reminders, key points, and any other additional material.

Full form Video Analysis - our head coach walks you through your full shot cycle, identifying key areas for improvement, and giving practical advice on how to fix your technical issue. 


In our 1-2-1 Mental Skill session you get to work on a topic of your choice; our coach works with and under the guidance of a BPS (British Psychological Society) accredited psychologist, and will provide you with excellent guidance. Suffering loss of motivation? Feeling anxious while shooting? Or simply "cannot put your finger on it"? - that's your session!


Our Goal Setting session teaches you how to better formulate what you wish to achieve, how to be realistic in your ambitions, and more effective at planning.


Every session can be re-booked for follow-ups to continue to build on your skillsets, or you can book one of our programmes. 

For any additional requests, private long-term coaching or mentorship, please contact

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Third Eye Archery


Our first exclusive collection of BareBOW T-shirts, designed by us as part of the campaign to promote barebow archery. All our products are: animal cruelty-free, constructed from certified organic cotton in an ethically accredited wind-powered factory in the UK, and are printed by low waste printing tech. Gents, Ladies & Unisex models come in a wide range of colours and are only available at our registered store.

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