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Realistic Planning

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Kristina Dolgilevica

Level II Archery Coach

Hyung Tak Kim Archery School

This is a new, individual-based, 1-to-1 programme developed specifically for intermediate archers- the largest group in the general pool of athletes. 

With this programme I would like to offer a new format of learning. The emphasis is on building your technical skillset, physical stamina and mental resilience - all essential components of archery 'mastery'. The programme is designed to last for 4 weeks, with weekly feedbacks. During this period you and I will do most of our work 'backstage', you through your exercises and tasks, and I, through assessing your videos, your individual profile and feedback we will exchange during this period. The training load has to be realistic: your training must suit your pace of learning, preferred modes of learning, your goals and lifestyle. It is the best way to measure and understand your progress. By having a continued interaction during this month, your learning experience is truly tailored to suit your needs. At the end of our course, I will draw up a 3 months training plan, unique to you. A structured approach (to any sport) will boost performance and take you to another level of proficiency.


Intermediate archers are competitive or non-competitive archers who: 1) have received coaching in the past 2) settled on their division 3) chosen their discipline, and are on their journey to ‘master’ their technical skill. This is an exciting period in the archer's development, because it is the time when you really begin to delve into the intricacies of the shooting technique, start to use mental and physical tools in your routine, the most important components that differentiate the beginner from the elite. Individual structure and guidance are crucial at this stage. When learning stops, so does the progress, which may lead to a loss of confidence, enjoyment and purpose, and for many, in quitting the sport altogether. Everyone deserves to enjoy this sport, and some of the most committed may well end up in a competitive field amongst the elite. 

 Why 'Third Eye' Archery? Whilst there are many interpretations for the term, they all imply insight, understanding & learning. At the core of this project lies my love for Korean form, discipline and teaching methods. We won't all shoot like the Koreans, but we can all benefit from simple and effective methods that work. This remote coaching programme has been in development for over a year, and is coincidentally launching at the times when the "remote mode" is proving its relevancy and effectiveness worldwide.

 So, if you wish to progress and set yourself a challenge or two, it is the right programme for you, and I will be happy to help  :)


Blue to Cream Gradient



The programme runs for 4 weeks (roughly), during which you receive four weekly coach feedbacks in two modes-

 2 offline & 2 online.

Closer to the end of each week you will record and send a set of videos to your coach for assessment. 


*Week 1 & 3 -offline feedback*

*Week 2 & 4- online feedback*

The purpose of this programme is to:

1-RESOLVE one or two technical issues

(always focus on one thing at a time)

2- INTRODUCE, MODIFY or INCREASE the load or intensity in your physical and mental skillset.

3. PROVIDE an athlete with a TAILORED TRAINING PLAN for technical, physical and mental development & 


​At the start of your programme you will receive an Athlete’s Questionnaire.

It is divided into blocks of short questions: shooting experience, physical fitness regime, sports psychology, aspirations etc. Those would be the questions your coach would ask you if you met in person :) That will help build your individual profile, assess your level of experience, so that your coach can start to tailor your workload for the programme and the future training plan.

WEEK 1. Offline feedback. Your coach will

pre-record the feedback as a video reply: commenting on your shot cycle, strong parts in technique, and highlight one technical aspect you will be working on fixing. For example, if your technical issue is your 'release', your coach will focus on what makes a good release, describe it kinaesthetically, biomechanically, psychologically etc., give you visual aids, examples of good release, introduce technical corrections into your form, give necessary drills and exercises etc.

+ give a couple of tasks (mental/physical or both)**. These tasks will be carefully chosen to help you develop as an athlete, so it is IMPORTANT that all the information you provide in your Athlete's Questionnaire, is truthful to the best of your knowledge (especially concerning health and physical fitness)- as you are responsible for your health and any injury or accident which may occur before/during /after your part-taking in this remote coaching programme. Just remember, the goal is to IMPROVE, therefore you will never be asked to do anything that may harm your physical or mental wellbeing. It is your responsibility to always ensure environment and equipment safety and to complete regular safety checks, and to remove any hazards which may cause trips, slips or falls while you film and train. Safety first! 

At the end of Week 2- you meet your coach online. Here is where you discuss your form in person; your coach will see how you have progressed, how you got on with your exercises, evaluate the pace and methods of learning that suit you best. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions. You receive your next task.

Week 3- Offline mode. Coach pre-records feedback on your video assessment. Adds any necessary drills, mental or physical exercises. You receive material on effective goal setting.

Week 4- online mode. Check on technical progress. Goal setting, physical/mental load discussion. Your coach finishes your 3 months training plan and sends it off to you, following the final discussion (allow for a maximum of 7 days). You can then either come back for a single reassessment on your 3 months progress (online mode suggested), or take another course, where you can opt for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reassessments, to keep you on track and provide you with new challenges. If you require additional support during your 3 Months training, you can book in for a One-Off session to ensure you are on track and motivated.

Commitment, feedback, continuity.

**Some of the exercises & tools you may be asked to do/use:

-Physical strength and stamina exercises for any of the muscle groups (core and back being most common)

- Physical drills with your bow, shot-trainer  or a stretch band.

-Coordination and balance exercises

-Mental Skills and resilience:

visualisation techniques, attention & concentration tasks, positive self-image & thinking, breathing techniques.


This Service includes 1 Coached Assessment in offline mode. Shortly after booking, you will receive a set of Instructions for filming- asking to make 4 videos; instructions for uploading videos on Sync; Athlete's Questionnaire is not sent with this service. But please read the description of 'intermediate level' in the 'About' section.

Feedback will analyse & cover your entire shot cycle, commenting on positive elements of form, and highlight a technical part of your shot that requires work. Your Coach will pre-record feedback, generate a link/or links that are necessary for your improvement, and add any necessary exercises to help explain and fix your technical issue. Demonstrations, video/audio/written sources may be used to help aid your understanding. Your Coach Feedback should be with you within the next 7 days following your video set submission. You have 7 days to film the videos and send them off- you are responsible for respecting these deadlines, so please ensure you have the time to produce the videos, much like your Coach has the responsibility to provide your feedback within the set 7 day period after receiving your videos. 

Remember, always work on one thing at a time and be consistent when working on something :)  


 1. Ensure you have roughly 4 weeks of commitment to benefit fully

 2. Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions, privacy policy etc

 Third Eye Archery stands for information transparency and follows

GDPR Data privacy law guidelines 



 3. Check Service availability before booking. This can be done by clicking any of the  'book now' buttons, which will take you to the booking page where you will clearly see 'service availability' by the service option you are interested in. *If the service is currently unavailable, it means it has reached its full capacity. You will be able to join the waiting list- please email:  

 info@thirdeyearchery.com to check on the estimated waiting time. 

 4. When you proceed to payment you will be asked to select a day & time in the calendar- mark the day you are making the payment on, then select any 1 available Time Slot * time slot or session duration do not reflect the actual timings, and are there for internal administrative purposes only*

- Recommendation: after you book, email Third Eye Archery to agree on video submission & feedback days. Video submission and feedback day should be the same day to allow a week in between for carrying out tasks. Once you select your Day 1,  you have 72 hours  (3 full days) to complete the Athlete's Questionnaire and to film your first set of videos. This will give your coach plenty of time to study your individual profile, complete technical analysis of your videos, prepare your first offline video feedback. 

-Weekends are preferred for video submissions & weekdays for feedback, because most intermediate archers shoot on weekends-

 *Your first video Assessment feedback will be ready on day 7 of the first week*

 **You have 6 months to redeem your package; if you need help finding a suitable date- please email and make further inquiries**

***One-Off Full Form Video


Assessments must be redeemed within 7

days. Please make sure that before


purchasing, you ensure that you have


the time to film your set of videos.***  

 ****For  Gift Certificates- please email. These are valid for 6 months, and the start date of the 4 week course will be discussed with the recipient of the certificate.****

 5. You will receive all the necessary instructions for filming and file sharing-these will be shared through Sync (World's safest 'dropbox')- safety and privacy of your materials, as well as those created by your Coach, is priority.

 6. You and your Coach will exchange materials through Sync (account set up is easy, and you will receive the instructions for that also; if you already have a Sync account- simply email that back when you receive your instructions after payment.)

*Check the Junk/Spam folder for emails- this is an international service and some emails providers redirect emails there.*

 7. Take your time studying the filming instructions. They are illustrated and annotated, so you will have no trouble.

You will be asked to film 4 videos.

 8. Athlete's Questionnaire will come as a PDF file. It is advised to fill that in first, then film the videos. 

 9. When both tasks are done - drop both off through Sync (as the emails won't support heavy files) 

 10. Modern smartphones have excellent cameras, so please use yours, just make sure the camera is suitable for videos.

 11. You will be asked to write a review following your experience and asked permission to share your progress on Third Eye Archery website/social media page- the main idea is to improve and promote the service, and learning amongst the archers and coaches. Always with anonymity, unless you would like your first name to be included. Plus you get to show off your progress :)

 12. The service is available in English and Russian languages (contact before booking for feedback in Russian)

 13. Only available to senior archers (18+). Junior programme is in development.

 14. One-off Full Form Video Assessments are available as an option to all willing archers (offline feedback only) 

 15. Archers returning for a One-Off Full Form Video reassessment following their 3 Months Plan will receive online mode feedback, unless prefer otherwise (contact before booking)

 16. Bow divisions under assessment: 

 Olympic recurve, barebow, compound (sports only, not hunting). 

Traditional bows: English/American longbow, traditional bows shot off the shelf, Korean/Turkish/ Hungarian/ Mongolian horsebows.

 17. Any bow discipline: Indoor and Outdoor.

18. Cancellation & Refund Policy 

All services on offer are non-refundable. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with Service Description prior to booking and inquire about any issues that are not clear by contacting [info@thirdeyearchery.com]


-In the event where you, for whatever reason, cannot continue with the programme, you can: 1) freeze your course, and use up the remaining amount of sessions until the end of validity date from the day of purchase (within the  period 6 months from Day 1.) or, exchange the remainder of your package for gift certificates addressed to your or any other name. These can only be exchanged for One-Off Full Form Video Assessment gift Certificates with offline feedback, for the amount of weeks you have not used up. If you fail to provide your coach with video material for Week 1, you can only claim 3 single certificates to account for 3 weeks of the 4 week Package.

In the event where you fail to provide videos for One-Off Full Form Video Assessment, the fees are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged or extended. Please check your availability and make sure you have up to 7 days to arrange for the videos to be filmed. If you are not sure you have the time, check again later and book the service when you know you have the time.

All information stated and published above, under 'Service Description'[in addition to files in the 'Personal Data T&Cs' page], is an official statement of Third Eye Archery Policies. You are welcome to print any of the policy files for your own reference. 


    Bow divisions under assessment: 

 Olympic recurve, barebow, compound 

   Trad. English/American longbow,   Korean/Turkish/ Hungarian/ Mongolian

            Other Traditional

Training Plan Package



    -4 Video Assessments 

 -4 Coach Feedbacks 

(2 online-2 Offline)

-Individual 3 Months

Training Plan

One-Off Full Form
Video Assessment 



- 1 Video Assessment

-1 Offline feedback