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About Third Eye

Third Eye Archery practice focuses on developing experienced archers, from the advanced beginner to the international competitor. Our head coach, Kristina Dolgilevica, is a certified development coach from Kim Hyung Tak Archery School in South Korea. Currently based in the UK, she focuses on the technical, physical, and mental development of archery athletes: "Every athlete is an individual; each will have individual needs and develop at their own pace. Live, 1-2-1, athlete-coach interaction is essential to athletic progress, and my programmes are designed around these key principles. I aim to instil in my students both archery and life skills." Third Eye does not pre-record material - all of our online programmes and sessions are live, tailored, and include post-session feedback. We offer two programmes - one dealing with technical and physical aspects of development, the other focussing on the mental game and competition skills.

Our Sessions