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Our Background

Kristina Dolgilevica, Head Coach

Our head coach, Kristina, believes that movement should be simple and natural. She treats every person as an individual and has a holistic approach to coaching.  Her working method and approach to technique follow the teachings of Coach Kim Hyung Tak School, at the core of which lie balance, simplicity, and effortlessness. Kristina uses insights from the sports sciences and employs video analysis as her primary tool. 

Our head coach firmly believes that competence leads to confidence and that the archer should never stop learning: "Third Eye refers to an ancient principle of wisdom and knowledge. One can never know everything, but once you truly learn and comprehend a concept, and understand why you are doing it, you can become proficient in anything you set out to do. This principle applies to archery and all other aspects of life. There are no quick fixes, but there are simple solutions. Mastery is a path and a journey". 


Education &

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2024 - Level III

Performance Coach

   --- Pending ---

Kim, Hyung Tak Archery School, 

Goesan South Korea

2021-2023, MSc

St Mary's University Twickenham, London

MSc Professional Development with Sports Coaching. Athletic development, sports psychology, strategic leadership in high performance, player and coach mentoring. Special interest in performance anxiety and archery-specific target panic. 

2019 - Level II

Development Coach

Kim, Hyung Tak Archery School, 

Goesan South Korea

Qualifications were obtained as a result of Coach training camp week in Goesan-gun, South Korea, under full supervision and guidance of Coach Kim Hyung Tak. Qualifications focus on recurve and compound archery technique, and video analysis skills for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

2016 - Full Time Archery coach

Other skills &

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2023- current

Chief editor of Bow International Magazine

Writer and contributor since 2019. Editor since July 2023. Appointed Honorary Reporter for the Korean Ministry if Culture, Sports and Tourism for years 2021 and 2022. 

2015-2018, MA

Birkbeck University of London

MA Historical Research, with special focus on the study of development of archery societies in the eighteenth century England and Wales. 

2021 - current

Member of Archery Culture Preservation Association, South Korea

Key activities: international promotion of Korean archery culture.

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